I'm into education, entrepreneurial ecosystems, growing things, and words, broadly.

The chance to learn about all of those things, and to get my Spanish up and running a full, drew me south: from a finance job in New York City to a freelance gig in Uruguay and Argentina for three months at the beginning of 2015. I researched regenerative agriculture and Benefit Corporations and published two full articles with OZY, a new media outlet focused on the new and the next

I moved to the southern border of the U.S. in August of 2015. For two years, I taught and was taught by bilingual 4th graders in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. "Going South" has negative connotations, but this Yankee found it to be quite the opposite. Then the West called, and I moved to San Francisco in the fall of 2017. 

At the top of this page, "Borderlands" will take you to writing from around the U.S.-Mexico border. "America del Sur" will take you to the archive of posts about my research trip to South America. If you just want the latest, check "Fresh Posts." "Pictures" is just as it sounds, and "Otro" takes you in directions other than south - northeast, back in time, where I am and where I've been, places where my roots still spread thick. 

All of the writing on this site is mine, unless otherwise cited. The views I express are mine only and do not reflect those of Acumen, Teach for America, or IDEA Public Schools. 

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